Finding my home to paint

Katie Sarra and Kian de la Cour completed contracts on the Sea Light on 24th May 2016

and moved in together with Katie's two children Eddie and Violet Sarra and three dogs Coco, Honey and Loulou

"A dream coming true ... I fell in love with this building the first time I saw it when we moved to Dawlish in 2014 and even contacted the brewery then to see if I could paint in there but it wasn't possible. So I found other lovely spaces to paint in. I rented a little studio space in Teignmouth at the Funky Aardwark where I first painted with my creative partner Adam Westcott. I rented rooms in Dawlish at the Hedley Way Centre, at our beloved Manor House, as well as the lovely hall at the Dawlish Methodist Church and the beautiful summer house at the Cliffden Hotel, Teignmouth, to immerse myself in painting for days at a time.

I had been renting accommodation for the past 8 years, moving house five times and longing to put down roots after moving from my little small-holding in Washfield near Tiverton where I had lived raising my two children for 12 years. All of a sudden my old family home, 8 years later, sold and at the same time the Hole in the Wall came up for sale. It had been empty for 8 years... waiting for me! The stripping away of years of old wallpaper and carpets began!" - Katie

Moving-in chaos!

Moving-in chaos!

The Team

I feel immensely grateful to all the people that came in to help us renovate and bring light into this beautiful building that had been derelict for 8 years. In my vision I saw it as a Venetian Palace of Dawlish! I discovered a beautiful blue at Morris and McGinn's in Dawlish which I painted my breakfast room at Clyde House where we had been living. It's soft and warm and spacious and I imagined all the dark red and gold stripped away and bathed in this light blue. it opens my heart into joy to wake up to this now each morning.