Sea Light's dedicated therapy rooms allow us to offer you a range of relaxation therapies from local well-being practitioners.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is believed to have originated with the native tribes of America and uses heated stones as part of massage therapy to help you relax deeply.

Sessions are held in the private Garden Terrace Therapy Suite on the top floor of the Sea Light away from it all in a fresh calm room with French windows opening onto decking with plants. Jem Stones is part of the Sea Light Team and you can meet her front of house on Wednesdays in the Gallery.

"I felt welcomed and cared for as Jem Stones tuned into what I needed for clearing the stress I was holding onto. I felt listened to and understood and then I could let it all go into the warm stones that seemed to absorb it all and I fell asleep and deeply relaxed and I felt lighter afterwards. 

"Jem Stones is warm and down to earth easy to be with and the room was beautifully freshly prepared for my session; made me feel special."

To book call JemStoneS on 077 99 11 5 770 or email

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Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage / Structural Integration

& Scar Tissue Remediation

Kian de la Cour is trained in deep tissue massage (also known as Rebalancing, myofascial massage and structural integration) to release patterns of tension from the body.  Fascia is connective tissue which surrounds every muscle and organ in the body.  It has intelligence and contractile ability.  You can choose for your sessions to be more focussed on relaxation or remedial massage as you like.

Kian also offers scar tissue remediation, which is a way of working with scar tissue (such as from operations or post-partum) to restore function and flexibility and to lessen restrictions and pain. Scar Tissue Remediation is gentle and can have remarkable effects.

Sessions rates are usually 90 minutes at £60 or longer by appointment.

To book a session call Kian on 07952 469848 or email


Thai Yoga Massage

A session of Thai Yoga Massage is fully clothed, does not use oils and is received on a low futon mattress. Through a sequence of rhythmic movements and slowly applied stretches, gentle but firm pressure is applied to the whole body to release tension, increase circulation, boost energy and restore balance. This holistic treatment combines teachings of yoga and mindfulness to rejuvenates as it heals.

There are 2 styles of Thai Massage, the Southern style which is very strong and the Northern style which is much more therapeutic, I practice the Northern Therapeutic style.

During a session I may use my hands, elbows or feet to apply pressure as well as gentle applied yoga to enhance and assist flexibility and encourage good postural habits, regular treatment supports effective maintenance, preventing and supporting recovery from painful condition caused by stress and injury.

Some clients come to me for relaxation, some because they don’t have time to do their own yoga practice but want to maintain the benefits, some for stress relief and other to feel deeply stretched and opened in a way they can’t achieve alone or with other therapies, this adaptable bodywork meets many  physical needs.

I have been practising Thai Yoga Massage for over 8 years and come from a background of working in the NHS as a health care assistant for over a decade. My personal yoga and meditation practice of over 20 years is fundamental to and informs what I bring to my practice as a bodyworker, I believe holding space for someone with awareness and compassion is a crucial part of working with the body.

To book call Yarrow on 07932 247 247


Sound in the Soul individual sound therapy (see events page for any sound baths dates).

Experience the vibrations of the gong, crystal singing bowls and trance drumming.

An opportunity to meet others who are keen to explore sound as a form of relaxation and spiritual well-being for both adults and children. Chanting, poetry and more.

For more information contact Ma Love Shaker to book on 07799 090103.


Embodied consensual life therapy with Katie Sarra

Katie is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Art Psychotherapist, Playback Theatre performer, Artist and co-founder of the Sea Light Gallery and The Sea School of Embodiment. She specialises in working with people overcoming fears and trains professionals in effective ways of supporting people overcoming Trauma.

I believe that every human being has needs to feel useful, having gifts to share with others as part of community. Our ease in intimacy with ourselves ripples out to feeling at ease with others. 

When we’ve been hurt and felt alone with it, the nervous system effectively restricts receptivity through the senses to make it less painful to bear. This can lead to insecure decision making, feelings of loss of purpose and direction, fears of change and voicing what is true deep down.

I guide and support effective step by step routes back into feeling in tune with yourself feeling your foundations of intuition and sensory awareness come back online which supports being in choice in relationships and with intimate decisions. 

Feeling connected again requires repeated trusted experiences of feeling relaxed and safe enough to feel more. Betty Martin’s wheel of consent informs the foundations of my practice supporting the foundations of trust to be felt. Here is hope for creating new neural pathways to fire and, with practice, wire for good.

Katie has facilitated my inner person to become my outer person." J.H Devon

Book an exploratory phone call here or find out more about Katie and her therapy work here.

If you are a well-being therapist based in Dawlish, Exeter or South Devon and would like to find out how you can become a part of the Sea Light team or you would like to attend a workshop or book a session, please email or