Becoming a sexually fulfilled human being, a skilful lover, a better partner, can sometimes feel like an impossible goal, but like anything, it can be learned. All that is required is the willingness to be totally present in the moment and to engage with a clear intent from a healed inner state of love for self, others, life and spirit.

Based in ancient shamanic traditions, Quodoushka offers a powerful spiritual pathway to help you find this place within, enabling you to create greater intimacy, pleasure and satisfaction in all your relationships – sexual or otherwise.

“Are you looking for answers? New horizons? New possibilities? Ways out of feeling stuck in limiting patterns? These teachings set me free with maps!”

— Katie Sarra

Quodoushka UK is the only organisation to offer this pathway in the United Kingdom. Through participation in our workshops, you will encounter a variety of potent practices and teachings that enable you to harness the healing power of sexual union and orgasm to bring you greater health, hope, happiness and harmony. It is a process that will change the course of your life forever, supporting you to repair emotional wounds and sexual insecurities, dissolve deep-seated blocks to pleasure, become a more sensitive and creative lover, revive monotonous relationships and discover the sweet medicine of sex. 

Our Quodoushka workshops include:

  • practical techniques to reach higher levels of orgasm, renew relationships, and harness the healing powers of sex
  • exercises to clear blocks to pleasure and heal sexual and emotional wounds
  • demonstrations of how to identify and best please the nine male and female genital anatomy types
  • teachings on how to perform powerful sexual healing work with the chakras and light body.

No matter whether your challenge is lack of fulfilment in the sexual, relationship, or spiritual arenas, we will provide you with the knowledge, experience and tools you need to create lasting positive change.

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