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Tuesday February 21, 2017

Honour Respect Cherish Protect Rise -

V Day with Tarte Noir

Performance by Tarte Noire Women's Playback Theatre Company

Doors open 7.30, no admission after performance starts at 8pm

Cost: £10/£8 concessions.

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Spend an evening with Tarte Noire and people from your local community sharing your stories and witnessing those stories transformed into art. 

An Evening of Playback Theatre with Tarte Noire Women's Playback Theatre Company in Celebration of V Day - Ending Violence towards women and children.

The Sea Light, Dawlish invites both men and women to a night of coming together as a community to share heart-felt stories.

"Honour, Respect, Cherish, Protect, Rise"
Eve Ensler created the most important piece of political theater of the last decade and the global celebration of V-Day: A global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.

Tarte Noir - Transforming memories into magical living theatre.

Tarte Noire is a women's playback theatre company, based in South Devon, who create theatre performances that are dedicated to exploring and affirming the everyday stories and experiences that affect women's lives.

Playback is a form of spontaneous improvised theatre in which the audience are invited to share their own personal stories before watching their words transformed into live theatre before their eyes. Performances can be moving, challenging, funny, poignant and extraordinary!  

During a Tarte Noire performance, women are drawn together as they witness the enactments. Through this spontaneous improvised theatre form we seek to create art and beauty as a way of acknowledging the fullness of our human experience. We invite conversations between women where we can explore together and see reflected the reality and mystery of our lives. A space is created for women to enjoy listening deeply to each other. We have become aware that this work removes feelings of isolation and creates intimacy between people. Every voice is welcome.

Cost: £10 (£8 concessions)
Time: Doors open at 7pm, no admittance after 8.00p.m.

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March 3rd  7pm-9pm

£8/£6 Doors open at 7 and the performance starts at 7:30

Eye of Sound

Eye of Sound is the coming together of two immense talents, Katie Sarra and Adam Westcott. Flamenco guitar and paint, coming together in an alchemic explosion of colour, beauty and music. Adam's stunning guitar playing is captured by incredible artist Katie Sarra. What starts as a blank canvas turns into a thing of beauty. This is a must see event!