Painting at the Manor House - Dawlish

Painting at the Manor House - Dawlish

Deep Sea paintings


These are oil on canvas reflections of feeling states. The sea feels like the connective tissue of our planet holding dreams and feelings that wash onto the shores of consciousness when we are open and relaxed to receiving them. 

Sometimes my dreams wake me up at night when I haven't been listening.

Painting brings back memories of lost parts of myself with kind reflections that can reveal vast potential and naturalness.

The sea can be rippling with sensations, deep with gratitude, weeping with tenderness, crashing in turbulence, rushing with foam, waving for help, excitedly spraying high into the sky, inky with grief, Swollen with sadness, rolling with relief and calm or shimmering with hope.

The sun might be rising inside at the beginning of something new or setting for rest and nurture. My dream is to create paintings that bring the exquisite beauty of nature, reflecting our true natures into living spaces. 


From the past to now...

I was born in Kano, Nigeria, in 1965 and lived in Kenya until coming to England at the age of 8.  I found myself drawing and painting to cope with the experience of being uprooted from everything I "knew" and loved. I discovered that, as I painted and drew, I was able to connect with something deeper than the cultural values of society I found myself in; I was discovering cultural difference from this young age and painting brought me back into feeling connected again as if I was tapping into soul - my soul, the souls of others, the soul of nature.

Since this early discovery, my intention in all my paintings is to serve the collective by bringing us closer to nature and to our own true natures and naturalness. When you look at one of my soul paintings, you are connecting with both the collective unconscious and with part of your soul resonating with the image.

I studied Fine Art at Leeds Polytechnic, where I won the painting prize for my year. After graduating in 1988, I moved to London and exhibited with The Art Company where I sold a number of political feminist pieces. I then trained and worked as an Art Psychotherapist for eight years, during which time I facilitated other people to access their creativity as a way to overcome and heal distress. During that time, I continued to paint large canvases during my holidays.

I then moved to Devon with my family, taking a career break to raise my children. Once my children started school, I set up a studio in my home and began painting part-time. As well as painting sea-scapes, I started to paint women healing body image from the school run. In January 2007 I opened the Old Car Wash studio and gallery in a warehouse space in Tiverton, where I held a number exhibitions of my work. Alongside painting the sea, I paint people healing body image, supporting looking with kinder eyes and creating who we are in our naturalness. Newly emerging is my inspiration painting animals and portraits of people with the animals flowers landscapes that they love and feel connected with: a poetic version of themselves.

In September 2014, I moved to Dawlish to be closer to the sea. A year later in July 2015 I took up a gallery and studio space at the Funky Aadvark Gallery in Teignmouth and it is my dream come true to now be here in Dawlish opening the Sea Light Gallery where I can perform "Eye of Sound" paintings with my creative partners Adam Westcott, Flamenco guitarist and Simon Welsh Performance poet. Together we create an alchemocal fusion that connects people with feelings of aliveness.