The Sea Light Gallery (open by appointment) is an oasis of calm at 28 The Strand in Dawlish, Devon, near the bowling green. At the Sea Light Gallery we showcase the original oil paintings of Katie Sarra along with ceramics from Mike Strange, Lisbeth de la Cour and Tilly Young.

Deep Sea.jpg

We host concerts, Playback Theatre performances, Sea School of Embodiment Trainings and have a range of complementary therapists practising from the space (see Therapy Rooms).

To view paintings call/text Kian on 07952 469848.

Some comments from our visitor's book:

"Love all the paintings displayed. The vibrant colours and the wildlife, so beautifully executed."

"Lovely addition to the town - just what we need in Dawlish!"

"A little oasis of health and beauty, thank you!"

"Lovely and relaxing atmosphere. All my anxiety drifted away. Beautiful birds :-)"

"So lovely to see life breathed into an interesting & unique building"


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