In every hand made piece of cloth are mistakes and these are part of our beauty.

One stitch can feel lost, alone and overwhelmed but Its not perfection we love and remember about another, its their humility with what connects us together on this planet. Its a gift when another has the courage to weep and show us their tears. This is the freedom I bear the strength to be with where there is the chance to trance form the shit into compost for growth with loving compassion.

Do you feel any of these?
had mental health problems
Ive been abused
Ive been lost in life and space
I'm feeling exhausted
I’m really sensitive
I want to feel the best
I want to be in my full potential
I'm tall windy and fat
Its hurts me not be in my full potential
Ive been on the streets
Ive been an outsider
Ive felt like an untouchable, the lowest cast
Ive spent too much time trying to please everyone else
I want to be my own person
I want to stop hurting
I want to be wanted
I want to be needed
I don’t want to be a burden
I want to have some self worth
I want to be dead
I want to be alive
I want to be young again
I want to be healthy
I want to be free of medication
I want excitement
I want new experiences
I want visual excitement
I need to be held
I need to be helped
I need support
I need to be kept safe
I need to feel safe
I need to be safe
I'm fucked up
I feel too fucked up and it feels lonely
I feel a burden
I'm afraid of needing
I feel angry at the injustices that have happened to me
I feel angry because Ive put so much effort into moving forward and I feel disenchanted
I feel knotted up
I want to please
I want to be a person who someone is proud of
I want to be adopted as an adult
I want to belong
I feel tender
I feel bruised
I want someone to love me
I want to feel desired
nobody wants me
I don't know how much is in me
I'm left on the plate
all I can be is honest
I wear my vulnerability on my sleeve
I need help at the moment
I am feeling very vulnerable
I want to be invisible in this pain

I will do my best to sit by your side and be with you and understand how it feels and support you to feel again connected and with your inner waters calmed and soothed.
I am trained as a certified sexological bodyworker healing the emotional and physical scars held in the body. I am a psychic healer seeing beyond the rational meeting with your true essence and seeing what you know but dare not see on your own. Sessions with me may include me placing my hands on your body or sitting by your side and being with you with what is there in you. I am trained in touch and consent and your boundaries will be honoured and your limitations that you are wanting to explore beyond the edge of your straight jacket will be expanded.